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The Arts Are the Answer

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The mission of the Arts Council for Monterey County is to improve the quality of life for everyone in our region through the arts. More...

"The Arts Are The Answer"... Now on your TV!!

The Arts Council and Access Monterey Peninsula have launched a TV Magazine program on their new curated station AMP2.

"The Arts Are The Answer" showcases the arts happening right here in Monterey County. We have a new show every month aired frequently throughout the month. Segments include interviews with artists who are transforming our communities, our schools and our health with Paulette Lynch, interviews with producers and presenters of major upcoming events with Steve Ellzey, indepth profiles of artists, musicians and more with Walter Ryce. Each month Berniz House highlights a cultural group and we showcase a museum or gallery. (Plus, we present arts event highlights)!

To join us as a guest, volunteer or sponsor, send am message to



Visit channel 27 Amp Media --

Please click the images below to see the programs. 

About the Show:

A coproduction of the Arts Council for Monterey County and Access Monterey Peninsula (AMP)

New episodes each month are repeated throughout the weekly schedule

Each segment includes interviews and clips:

Preview – with arts organizer presenting major arts/culture event coming up with Steve Ellzey

Artist Profile – with a Professional Artist discussing their creative journey with Walter Ryce

The Arts Are the Answer – exploring the impact of the arts (e.g., health/environment) with Paulette Lynch

Focus on Museum/Gallery – showcasing their mission and new work with Paulette Lynch or Steve Ellzey

Cultural Highlights – Highlighting one of our wonderful cultural groups with Berniz House

Art Happenings – event listings from

Eighteens Episode Features:

  • Singer/Songwriter/Social Media Guru Lisa GoetellThe Lightfighters
  • Charlotte Eyerman, Executive Director, Monterey Museum of Art



Michelle Lange

Thirteenth Episode Features:

  • First Night's Greenfield Harvest Festival and Outreach
  • The Lightfighters
  • Jerry Takigawa, Artist
  • The Festa Italia Tarantella Dancers
  • Michelle Lange, The Monterey Symphony


Michelle Lange

Tweltfh Episode Features:

  • Wendy Brickman, Brickman Marketing
  • Jan Wagstaff, Artist
  • Bob Sadler, Artist, Business Consultant
  • Monterey Bay Lion Dance


Jan Wagstaff

Eleventh Episode Features:

  • Camella Cooper, Arts Council for Monterey County
  • David Gordon, Carmel Bach Festival
  • Steven Whyte, Sculptor


David Gordon

Tenth Episode Features:

  • Willow Array, Alisal Center for the Fine Arts
  •  Joshua Alfaro, Alisal Center for the Fine Arts
  • Bryan Perez, Alisal Center for the Fine Arts
  • Warren Chang, Artist
  • Debbie Chin, Carmel Bach Festival
  • Shinsho Mugen Daiko


Warren Chang, Artist

Ninth Episode Features:

  • Sue Ann Hillyer, Community Partnership for Youth
  •  Nicole Garzino, Center for Photographic Art
  • Carol Chapman, Artist
  • Susanne Burns, The Western Stage


Nicole Garzino

Seventh Episode Features:

  • Ed Leeper, Artist
  •  Esmeralda Montenegro Owen, Director of Marketing and Community Engagement, National Steinbeck Center
  • Mark Baer, Museum of Monterey


Ed Leeper

Sixth Episode Features:

  • Scott Jacobs, Artist
  •  Kenji Tanner , School teaching artist
  • Vicki Nelson, Compassionate Care Alliance


Scott Jacobs

Fifth Episode Features:

  • Lucas Blok,  Monterey Museum of Art.
  • Jayson Fann
  • Megan Heath, Monterey County Office of Education.

Jayson Fann

Fourth  Episode Features:

  •  Amy Essick, Arts in Healing, Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula.
  •  Ellen Martin, First Night Monterey.
  • David Ligare, International Artist. 
  • Cultural Highlight: Monterey Peninsula College Cultural Show.


David Ligare

Third Episode Features:

  • Featuring Artist Belle Yang.
  • Michelle Lange, Monterey Symphony.
  • Michael Duffy, Studio Tour of Monterey County and Artists Equity.
  • Cultural Highlight: Movimiento Cultural de la Union Indigena/Cultural Movement of the Indigenous Community.


Belle Yang, Artist

Second  Episode Features:

  • Trish Sullivan, Artistas Unidos/Artists United.
  • Walter Ryce Interview with Marilee Childs.
  • Profile of Champion of the Arts, Sonia Chapa.
  • Cultural Highlight: Noche Bohemia.


Trish Sullivan, Artistas Unidos/Artists United

First  Episode Features:

  • Featuring Paola Fiorelle Berthoin, author of Passion for Place.
  • Tim Jackson, Artistic Director of the Monterey Jazz Festival.
  • Lisa Coscino, Executive Director of Museum of Monterey.

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